Diet Day 1

I am very out of touch when it comes to the high tech way of life that has become the norm of today’s society. I am yet to have a smart phone, but am proud to say thanks to my husband I now have a tablet and am trying to move forward with the rest of the world. With that said I am going to try something that I always thought was ridiculous and a little narsacistic; a blog. I’m sure there are millions of them on fat moms trying to lose weight, but this is for me to be held accountable.

I always thought when I was younger once you have kids there is no reason to gain weight again in your life. Can you say naïve? It’s actually then and all the days after that is a struggle for most women. I guess this is where I have give the daunting task of my stats. I am currently 5”7 176. Not to grossly obese or anything, but considering about 4 years ago I was more than 40 pounds less, it’s a little disconcerting.

Well, with that being said, I do not have a thyroid problem, a lack of time, or I am also not injured. I have laziness and I love to eat sweets. I would skip all meals to eat treats. Yikes, It’s embarrassing to actually say that, as an adult I should have some self control, but I don’t. Well today is the revised day one of less calories and more exercise. ( The actual day one I fell off the wagon and ate a box of the chocolate covered Ritz crackers ) So today for breakfast I mad 4 peanut butter cracker sandwiches. For lunch, I had chicken sandwich with red lettuce, swiss and mayo. ( will soon change to mustard, but everything in due time) For dinner hopefully I will just have a hamburger.

I guess we will see tomorrow what happens. By the way, for me I have to take ultra baby steps, healthier food will slowly be incorporated. I do know what to eat for better health, but, If I did that you wouldn’t have to read this ridiculous blog.
Till tomorrow.///


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